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Tourist quality stamp of the culture of olive
Terra Olea
An international project

is a project carried out by the Chambre d'Agriculture du Gard, France, the Asociación para el Desarrollo del Guadajoz y Campiña Este de Córdoba (ADEGUA), Spain; and the Camara Municipal Camara de Mirandela, Portugal. It is part of the European Program INTERREG III B SUDOE and is supported by other local partners such as the Diputación de Córdoba,  the Ayuntamiento de Baena and the  Syndicat des Oléiculteurs du Gard

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The Terra Olea's club

You are interested in oleiculture? You wish to take part in the events which proceed regularly in our three areas?

Being member of the TERRA OLEA Club, means being noticed about our activities, being gifted special offers from our partners, ...

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TERRA OLEA, a tourist way through the olive-trees

TERRA OLEA, a touristic road through olive trees

What do olive trees mean for the Mediterranean area : only a part of it or the whole region ? Did they help in its building or were they already the Mediterranean itself ? Is the end of the Mediterranean area the natural fronteer of the cultivation of the olive tree ?
What can a traveller wandering around the olive groves on the Via Domitia from Spain to Italy or travelling via the Vía de la Plata or the Roads of Santiago de Compostela from south of Spain to the gallego-Portuguese roads of the north peninsular find ?
Seas of olive groves, numerous olive groves, lines of olive trees, surviving olive trees of History, friendly olive trees...
And in the pilgrim's hand, a deeply rooted olive will remain, which will lead him to the mills, the restaurants, the accomodations, the craftsmen..., with which he will enjoy the delight of the olive tree.


Hundred year-old olive trees can be found at the Pont du Gard, and also in the Patio de los Naranjos of the Mosque of Córdoba, and on the banks by the old medieval bridge, or the Paço dos Távoras in Mirandela.

TERRA OLEA is made up of three prestigious places for oil production, which urge the traveller to smell, like, and be delighted with the olive tree traditions. Three major places where you can decipher the golden enigma of the oily must.

To enable the traveller to make the most of this uncommon experience, three regions in the south west of Europe have met to discuss the TERRA OLEA project, symbol of the quality of the touristic area highlighting the olive trees in their natural environment. Baena with its olive trees, its white farms, halfway the Ruta Califal which links Córdoba to Granada. Nîmes, with its garrigue air smelling the olive tree, located between the Languedoc region and the Provence. Mirandela, where you can smell its forest-like aroma in its olive oils, spirit of Tras-os-Montes, vineyards of the Duero as well as an Atlantic brise.
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